Sea Horse Farm in Kingsburg Nova Scotia

Sea Horse Farm is located in Upper Kingsburg, Nova Scotia, and was originally colonized by Europeans in the early 1600s. Now, after many years of restoration, it is home to the Mackay-Lyons family and their animals.

The lush pastures which surround the courtyard of Sea Horse Farm provide the horses with room for relaxation as well as high quality nourishment. Alison's love and affection for all creatures great and small allows them to feel comfortable and at ease in their new setting. As a boarding stable, Sea Horse Farm offers day-to-day horse care ...


“My partner planned a surprise horseback riding experience for me at Sea Horse Farm in Kingsburg. I was thrilled to be able to spend time getting to know 19-year-old Cody, help to groom him and prepare him for our ride, and then have an adventure of a lifetime riding him on nearby Hirtle’s Beach. Ali is a gifted teacher and simply a wonderful human being. Her relationship with her horses is beautiful to witness — she shows them great love and respect and they obviously adore her in return!! Ali took time and care to connect with me and make me feel comfortable, capable, and at ease. I would go back in a heartbeat and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for a “peak” experience!”

—Renée Hartleib, full-time writer, part-time adventurer, Halifax, NS


"Ali's lessons were the highlight of my daughters' summer. Ali is an incredible teacher- enthusiastic, patient, confident, and gentle. Our daughters, aged 8 and 10, had never ridden horses before. Ali taught them all the basics, and was careful to include them in cleaning and caring for the horses so that they became comfortable working with horses, and the horses learned to trust them. In just a few lessons, our girls were riding bareback down Hirtle's Beach, swimming with their horse in the pond, and exploring forest paths. They were exhilarated- and we were secure knowing that Ali was with them every step of the way. "


"At Sea Horse Farm, It was immediately visible, the special bond Ali shares with her horses. She interacts with her gentle giants with loving words, and many touches of affection. On Aug. 10th, 2015 I was able to witness first hand, the beauty of SHF. Our daughter was given the opportunity to not only ride with Cody along the beach shore, but swim with him as well. An experience that will stay with us for many years to come. Ali gave guidance and praise to both Cody, and our daughter, as they ventured along Hirtles Beach. She expressed compassion and patience in both the learning and teaching process. Swimming with Cody was a definite highlight to fulfilling a young girls heart. And the hands on interaction in the barn made our girl smile from ear to ear. Looking forward to our next adventure at Sea Horse Farm. We will be back! Julie Armstrong & Cheyanne Hiltz (age 13) "Thanks Mom, this has been the best day ever!"

Sea Horse Farm - Private Lessons